One of the most effective and tax efficient ways to support Stonyhurst is by making a gift in your Will.

Whether you do this as a mark of affection, an act of gratitude, or to play a part in the continuing success of the oldest Jesuit school in the world, your generosity will live on and help secure the future of Stonyhurst for generations to come.

Throughout Stonyhurst’s history legacies have played a vital role, not merely in financial terms but also in the provision of the wonderful artefacts and works of art in the Collections which have been received from the Jesuits, OS, parents, former parents and friends of Stonyhurst.

A decision to include a gift in your Will is a private and personal one which we will treat in the strictest confidence and you can be assured that your wishes and intentions will be followed explicitly at all times.

The Thomas Weld Society

Membership of the Thomas Weld Society is open to everyone who has pledged to remember Stonyhurst in their Will.

If you are considering, or have already made provision for Stonyhurst in your Will and would like to join us, please let us know and we will be delighted to welcome you as a member of the Thomas Weld Society.

We host an annual lunch at Stonyhurst and a biennial lunch in London, which provide an opportunity to meet like-minded people, the Headmaster and current pupils, and be fully informed of Stonyhurst’s future development plans.