During the academic year 2021-2022, it will be a hundred years since Stonyhurst made the decision to switch from football to rugby as the primary field sport.  We are celebrating this centenary by redeveloping our rugby facilities and we are focusing on Smithfield, home to our 1st XV pitch, where we wish to build a distinctive new pavilion.

This pavilion will upgrade our rugby facilities providing a hub for players, spectators, staff and match officials. It will be an accessible, hardwood oak structure. Shelters on each side of the pavilion, will allow spectators to remain dry outdoors during the matches, whatever the Ribble Valley weather brings!

Rugby is at the heart of Stonyhurst sporting life. We have launched the Passing It On Appeal to work with our OS, parent and past parent community who enjoyed playing and supporting rugby at Stonyhurst.

The ‘Passing It On’ Appeal – Captains’ Campaign

The Captains’ Campaign is part of this overall appeal and is looking to all the teams from 1959 to 2019. All the former 1st XV Captains have been approached to harness the energy of their fellow team members and others in their year who enjoyed playing rugby, with the aim of raising a minimum sum of £1500 per team (£100 per team member). This teamwork would make a substantial contribution to the Passing It On Appeal.

OS Year Group Total Raised
1995 £1600
1990 £1050
1987 £1000
1983 £900
1959 £700
1994 £520
2004 £200
1982 £130
2016 £100
2002 £100
2006 £100
1996 £100
1971 £100
1978 £100
1975 £100
1950 £100